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Wishlist / Time ruler buttons in integrated player
« on: February 02, 2020, 17:17:49 »
I manually compare duplicate audio files with my ears and I figured integrated player could use time ruler where certain intervals, let's say every 5 seconds, is a clickable button or some marker, so I could easily and precisely pick the time I would like to compare. Could even add a selection box in the middle, above the audio graph, to select the  desired interval. Or even add programmable bookmark buttons.

Wishlist / Enhance integrated player
« on: June 19, 2019, 15:21:36 »
When starting playback of an audio file in Similarity the player window opens: you can play/pause, seek and set volume, and stretch the window for better seek. But when comparing multiple audio files of a duplicate group, the player could have a lot more to work with.

What if to give the player a separate panel inside Similarity's main window? It would then display players for all audio files in selected duplicate group, stacked.
And when starting playback, allow using of up and down arrows to navigate and activate next player while continuing to play where previous left off.
Also add function to lock playback start position to that panel so it would start playing from set start flag when next player is selected.
This idea will prevent a lot of frustrating clicking.

Btw, you should advertise SimilarityApp more. Even I found this tool by accident. And many still use sluggish, inaccurate, ineffective audio/image duplicate finding tools, while actually they could be using this gem.

Bugs / Re: Some bugs in 1.9.1
« on: June 25, 2014, 23:05:25 »
Well, the logs didn't mention anything about any problematic file from my collection, but only files related to Similarity. I attached the logs, maybe you can figure something out.

Wishlist / Re: Dual integrated audio player at top
« on: June 25, 2014, 22:56:24 »
Well, if professional DAW (digital audio workstation) can do it, so can you. Just think harder. Or take a popular DAW as an example. Similarity is a professional tool, not for faint of heart, so it can be with a learning curve.

Wishlist / Dual integrated audio player at top
« on: June 25, 2014, 02:45:45 »
The current player is raw and serves only as system lag elimination.

I wish Similarity had two audio players at top of the program. I wish I could then right-click on audio file and then select either to send it to player 1 or 2. And then, when pressing on play, only the current player plays, but the other follows in timeline and then there would be a quick switch button to make player 2 to play and mute player 1 and play 1 while mute 2. I wish I could then also set a marker for "replay from here". And also full control: Play/Pause, Play from beginning/from marker, Stop. Marker should have a quick reset back to beginning button.

Bugs / Some bugs in 1.9.1
« on: June 25, 2014, 02:30:36 »
This post is pointless as I fail to give any method of recreating the bugs.

I fed a monster job to Similarity, about 200k files, mixed audio files, most were chiptunes, took me few hours.

By the end, when I checked the results, the 100%, 100%, 100% duplicates were somewhy in the middle of the list, maybe it's ok, because of some logic we, average Joes, do not understand with our pea sized brains.
But what was interesting, after I exited Similarity, Decoder.exe was still holding the target dir as hostage. Had to terminate it manually.
Also, tell the user to keep the target dirs under simple, short paths as complex paths, especially with symbols in name will make Similarity to miss few hundred duplicates.

Wishlist / Re: Missing: Minimize to system tray
« on: September 24, 2013, 21:55:58 »
1. It's comfortable. Especially if you do not have a super computer, but are limited to wait 2h for processing 170 000 files. Most of us don't have workstations for this task specifically and we do other things too, while we wait. So, while doing other things, not having Similarity to bother us is comfortable.
It would be good, if you included Option to minimize to tray when X is clicked too, from my wishlist, which I understand will be ignored too.
It is not hard to program such things at all and they won't break the program in any way. Why not have such simple things?

2. You are building this software for other people, am I right? If we want something, you give it to us. We pay for what you do. If you build this only for yourself and if you pay to yourself too and even more than we do, then I understand, but you should have at least put up a notice about that and remove wishlist from forum accordingly.
I paid, I had high expectations, I compared and advertised your tool and now you are screwing us, making me eat my words about your tool.
I noticed this being a trend lately: the clients don't choose the product anymore, the product chooses its clients.

Wishlist / First use wishlist
« on: August 17, 2013, 04:54:01 »
So I bought myself the Premium version and I hope to see the following updates in the next 3 years:

1. Ask confirmation on Exit
2. Option to minimize to tray when X is clicked
3. Similarity should also save which files got marked and column's ascend or descend setting
4. Associate similarity file extension with Similarity and make it open with Similarity
5. Give help / Similarity documentation with Similarity
6. An internal player OR for e.g. always make a copy of the file in Similarity's TEMP folder and send that to external player, since then the original file is not locked by the player and it can be deleted without the need to terminate the player first. Clear contents of TEMP folder on Exit. With current possibilities it's very time consuming. Similarity doesn't even show any error messages about file being locked and erased the file from the list, while not doing anything to the file on the disk. Had to redo my database scan.
7. Why is there no grouping?
After I deleted my first duplicates, I was not left with that one long group, but instead, I got hundreds of new and correct groups, containing new names. Must be a bug?
8. The group separating background color gray is not that good, try using green instead, like used here:
9. Fix PayPro Global:
I paid, they got my money, but I didn't get my license. I waited for 4 days and then they call me if I approve the order. Wtf? They take my money, delay and then dare to ask if I approve the order? I have never seen such idiocy. Usually, if it's a high risk order, confirmation of purchase is done before any money is taken and not 4 days after.

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