Author Topic: Same configuration, same directory, different computer: No working  (Read 8940 times)


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I'm using the Premium version on a storage server that I use to hold data. In this serve there is no way to make the software recognize identical songs.

This server have not a sound driver, may this be the problem? I also get connected with a remote desktop to it. Is a windows server 2008 r2 standard.

May you help in any way?




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We found problem, Similarity doesn't have internal MP3/WMA decoder, it depends on Windows Media SDK, DirectShow, Microsoft Multimedia Foundaition or Apple Quicktime components, Similarity contains only open source decoders (FLAC/APE/WavPack/etc...). Windows Sever 2008 doesn't have pre-installed such technologies as Desktop versions.
You have 3 solutions:
1) Install Apple QuickTime SDK
2) install the "Desktop Experience" feature in Server Manager

3) Also you can manually install Windows Media Services (but this is hard way)