Author Topic: how do i compare 2 discographies (with a twist)  (Read 8853 times)


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how do i compare 2 discographies (with a twist)
« on: July 30, 2010, 13:09:25 »
hi, say an artist has several albums out and a few albums can have the same song. that is fine. but i have 2 discographies of this artist, one in 128kbps and one in 320kbps.

i'm trying to find out which of his songs from the 128kbps folder are not in the 320kbps folder. is there a way ?

if i use the move marked, can it copy the directory structure too or does it jumble all files in 1 folder? (move with directory structure)

anyway a great prog, tho a bit sparse interface, more buttons in toolbar would be great, like delete, delete all, move, move all, etc.

And the double-clic i think should play the song. if possible without requiring an external program. (a mini player integrated would be fine).

folder functions like those of normal windows explorer would be welcomed to help manage folders from application.


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Re: how do i compare 2 discographies (with a twist)
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2010, 09:45:28 »
Hm, this is different task, than that solves Similarity in this moment, it something reverse for finding duplicates, finding not duplicates  :) in 2 different folders group, you can't do it in current version.

No it moves files to one folder, not folder path preserved, and how we now from taht position we must recreate folder structure ?

Thank you for you comments about interface, we try to improve it in future versions.