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image searchs
« on: March 31, 2017, 17:08:20 »
Turns out Similarity can hunt icon .ico files, nice and THANKS!!!

when trying to weed out duplicated icons, Similarity can handle icons with multiple sized icons stored inside the .ico file.
But for some reason when trying to visually confirm the 'matches' it is extracting the smallest image stored inside the .ico file.
At least in my experience here.
OK I experimented some with this,  it seems icon editing software mostly stores the icons in ascending,  small  to big order.
This method seems to be predominate.
Similarity seems to pick the image to display from the top of the list, rather then the largest image reguardless of its position in the stored .ico file.

Can Similarity try and extract to display the largest image no matter its position inside the icon .ico file??