Author Topic: Not understanging the parameters. Tutorials are confusing  (Read 3735 times)


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Hello, I bought the premium version and I have run a scanning on an entire drive to Find Duplicates and Analyze Files both at the same time since that option is available.

On the threshold values I selected everything at 100%

Question # 1: What´s the difference between Analyze and Find Duplicates?

Question # 2: I don´t know how to proceed in marking for deletion the duplicate AND also from the worst quality audio both at the same time. Which procedure or steps shall I take?

Question # 3: In case I choose from the context menu to delete a specific folder, I assume only duplicates in that folder will be deleted right? Or the whole content of that folder would be deleted even if they don't have duplicates in other folders OF THE ENTIRE DRIVE I´m scanning?

Question # 4: After running a full scan on the audio mode the % of content appear with a dash “ – “ Any ideas what is happening? What is the difference with % of precise?

Question # 5: Also, I have no results in the image mode while a couple of days ago it found many duplicates of photos (I even didn´t delete any)

Hope you can help.
Thank you