Author Topic: Rename::Compares Similar Images With Same Name (Upper&Lower Case File Extension)  (Read 11287 times)


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This will be useful for:
- Manage files that you want to save in the same folder
- Manage Recovering Files from a storage disaster and do comparing files with existing, save a lot of time for re-editing images  ;D 8)

Case 1, Similar images, same file name thet has Upper Case & Lower Case Filename Extension (Ex: xxx.JPG & xxx.jpg):
Most Camera create Original file with upper case file Extension, after some editing often save the file with same name but became lower case file Extension
The idea: Can keep the edited file with auto rename then saved in the same Folder (Ex:  aaa.jpg =>  aaa_001.jpg =>  aaa_002.jpg)

Case 2, Different images with same file name, want to be saved in the same Folder

Thank You --Untung--


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You can do this via JavaScript scripts, see example.js, example-async.js samples.