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Similarity: Bought Pro License - Huge Opus version library converted from MP3. Need to copy results that match length


Please answer and sort this problem out, GAR Software, I bought your pro version to solve a huge headache of 8gb+ file mess.

Despite sending you three emails I received no answer, help or solution.
Not great on the customer service front, now is it?

Kindly be polite and answer with a solution.Let's get this solved ASAP please; I paid so as to avoid weeks of manual file comparison and moving.

However I have hit a glitch I hope you can solve ASAP:

I converted all of my mp3 audiobook collection (MASSIVE 8gb, hundreds of thousands of chapter files) to Opus
There were some errors that the converter did not inform me of.

The errors are all partial/incomplete conversions where the Opus version does not include the full length of the file. Eg. An 8hr40m audiobook MP3 becomes a useless 1hr10m Opus.
This error affects only 5-15% of my book files.
However, I do not want to lose a significant chunk of my library and never know which until the day I try to listen and find it cutting off mid way thru Chapter 3 of 30!

I thought Similarity would solve my problem, bought it and it almost does work for me :( :
The Opus and MP3 files that are the same length and uncorrupted can all be found and marked for the MP3s to Move. Excellent!   BUT there is a problem:

Unfortunately, I cannot find an option for the move to duplicate the folder structure of the original MP3 directories.

IE. I tried out the Similarity process on A:\-BIO compare to A:\Opus\-BIO (Biographies – one of my smallest sections).

I want to move all the MP3 duplicates that match Opus lengths to a directory called A:\Opus FINE\-BIO so I know which MP3s converted properly and thus which few remaining need a 2nd convert attempt.

THIS is my problem: The original directory has (naturally) 50-70 internal folders (one for each biography book inside).
When I move all the MP3 duplicate files to A:\FINE\-BIO
instead of getting a useful A:\FINE\-BIO directory full of book folders
I get ALL the book chapter files dumped into the main _BIO directory leaving a mess and some files (eg. Chapter 2, Chapter 2 from different books) overwriting each other!

I would be
amazed and deeply disappointed if your, otherwise very sophisticated, software cannot move files including the folder structure

Must be able to move all duplicates & preserve folder structure, no? Otherwise, being left stuck with problem of manually re-assembling positions of all results (100,000+ files in 800+ folders & sub-folders!) makes the software & process practically useless to me.

So what am I missing? – what do I need to check, tick, select etc?

In the unlikely event that your software really does lack this basic function then can someone at your organization please knock out a script that can be run to do this; I cannot be the only person that needs this function. Many users must need it, no? I am left with a HUGE amount of manual sorting and directory re-creation and reassembly and yet
Even a small music collection of 300 albums when all the songs got dumped into a single folder would be frustrating mess. :'(

Please help me out as soon you can.



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Sorry for the delay.
Move files with previous folders structure feature added to 2.4.2. Please try it.


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sorry to say, I can't image it is possible to comment on script how-to and to teach js programming....