Author Topic: Takes over an hour to open and shows "Not Responding" at the slightest use  (Read 4635 times)


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Windows 10 laptop.  i7 processor, 12GB RAM

I had Similiarity about 2 years ago, the upgrade license lapsed, so a few days ago I bought the 3 year license and installed the latest Windows 64bit version of Similarity.

I've got 4 hard drives which "should" (haha) all be the same as each other, but over the years, I've added new CD rips to only some of those drives, or added the same CD rip accidentally to the same drives two or three times etc.   Also there are a lot of compilation albums, like "Greatest hits of ..." so lots of duplicates on each drive potentially - so I'm really keen to use the audio fingerprinting of Similarity, to identify all those tracks which are the same song, radio edit etc, but get missed by most programs as the songs durations might vary by a few seconds, and therefore a few kilobytes. 

Each drive has around 60000 to 100000 files on them.

All I've had since installing Similarity this week, and running "Find Duplicates" (with each of the 4 drives labelled as Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 and Group 4) is the searching etc getting done, taking 90 mins or so, and I get the results showing up:

eg:  The tabs show "Audio 10513", "Analysis: 79779"

The bottom of the screen shows "Cache: 34116" then "New 0/0" then the process bar shows 0.0% suggesting that the program has finished whatever it was doing.

Now, When I start moving the columns around to an order that I'd like to work in, eg:  Artist, Title, Album, Rating etc.     The mouse cursor starts spinning and the menu bar adds the dreaded words "Not Resonding" to the end of "Similarity".

If I look into the Task Manager, I see Similarity showing as "VERY HIGH" in the processor usage.  Also sometimes there'll be no other Similarity processes running, but sometimes there's dozens, possibly hundreds of 64bit Similarity analysis threads/processes.   I've tried killing those processes off, but it doesnt get the program out of "Not Responding".   

At the moment Similarity is unusable on my system.

I've sent two emails to Support but heard nothing, but I realise theres a pandemic, so everyone is stretched etc. 

I'm wondering if I need to do anything to my system, or kill off other processes, or what.   

Any ideas ?


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Have you try to disable opencl ?