Options - Miscellaneous settings

The "Miscellaneous" tab is a set of various parameters not included onto other tabs.

Screenshot: Options Dialog - Miscellaneous Tab

"Folder to move" this option sets the folder for moving files. Otherwise, every time you move a file a folder selection dialog is opened. Moving of a file is done from the context menu of the result window.

Screenshot: Results context menu - Move

"Ask for Delete confirmation" – turn this off to skip the "move files to recycle bin" confirmation dialog when you delete files.

"Check for updates" – this option allows the program to check for updates in Internet.

"Use proxy" – here you can setup an HTTP proxy to connect to Internet, by turning the corresponding option on and entering the IP and the port of a proxy server.

"Limit work threads" – limits the number of working threads used for processing files. Similarity is a multi-task program and it utilizes all resources of the computer in full, yet sometimes you may want to reduce the load to the processor.

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