Why Buy?

In addition to the free basic functions, you gain access to the following extended functionality in the Premium version:

  • Screenshot: Premium version - Precise algorithmNew, fantastically precise comparison method, based on "acoustic fingerprint". This algorithm drastically surpasses the normal content-based comparison algorithm.
  • Screenshot: Premium version - Spectrum AnalysisA possibility to see a detailed spectrogram for individual files and micro-spectrograms in the analysis result list.
  • Screenshot: Premium version - Spectrum AnalysisA possibility to see a detailed sonogram for individual files.
  • Screenshot: Premium version - AutomarkYou can automatically mark files for deletion or moving. This helps to effortlessly clear duplicates without manually looking through all results.
  • Screenshot: Premium version - Using folder groupsYou can work with many different folder groups to limit the comparison to some particular folders only. For example, you can use this to compare your current music collection with newly added files to see if some of them duplicate your existing compositions.
  • Screenshot: Premium version - Open/Save menuYou can save your results to a file and restore them back for further processing at any time
  • Screenshot: Premium version - Script sampleAll enhanced features of Similarity JavaScript API.
  • Automatic save and restore of the program state on exit and run. Not only is the result list saved, but also the current progress. So you may exit the program at any time and on the next run the scan will continue from where you stopped upon exit.
  • Acceleration of computing with the OpenCL technology. This option allows Similarity to utilize your GPU or other device as an additional computation device along with your CPU. Modern video cards can significantly increase the process of searching duplicates with the "precise" algorithm.
  • Priority 48 hours technical support.
  • By purchasing the Premium version you help us to develop future versions and improve the functionality.

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